My beautiful university

It was late, late in the day,  but I still had something else to do.

I work for the Open University. This is the second noble institution that gave me enormous hope that day. The OU has a long record of being flexible and supportive for any one with an disability, but it exceeded my expectations.

I was scheduled to give a tutorial that evening and I couldn’t do it. Plus I needed to talk to my lead manager about my future.

So I phoned him at home straight away and he was wonderful. He understood exactly my situation and we spent about an hour going through my commitments and reviewing them.

No one could have been more helpful and supportive in the circumstances.

At the end of our chat he went away to draft a letter explaining to everybody what I could and could not do and sent it to me to review that very evening.

After all this I felt very tired so I rang my local the Dog and Duck (remember the landlord), and for a bar meal. I ate like a horse then went home

At this point I started to see not just disturbed vision but hallucinations. These were very weird.  I just to describe – and draw them – in the next couple of posts.


About partialinsight

One evening I had a stroke. Half my sight vanished overnight. Adapting made me grasp how amazing the visual system and brain are. It also taught me to understand disability completely differently and I'm grateful for the lesson.
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