Big Foot Connected to – a Blood Clot ? Remembrance #3

Sketch of author's right foot very swollen just behind smaller toes, with pink and red areas indicating degrees of pain
Your Feet’s Too Big (song)

“Your pedal extremities are colossal, to me you look just like a fossil”

(Fats Waller)

Having a stroke was so dramatic, it blotted out the events just before. But looking back, when it came on I was washing my feet. At 8 o’clock in the evening.

Why? Because: one of my feet’s too big. The right foot was really huge, swollen, and painful. The crude sketch above is the best I can do: the more red the more pain. I’d never had anything quite like it before and was quite shocked by the size of the swelling. If I’d thought I would have taken a photo.

I’d had it about 24 hours and thought if it didn’t go down by the next day I would have to drive to the doctor and driving might hurt. So I left it – “see how it is tomorrow” – but bought some herbal bath remedy and ran a tub.

In the tub I had a stroke and the problem with my foot was driven out of my mind. Several people asked me later if I could think of anything that might have brought the stroke on but I didn’t make any connection with the foot swelling, particularly because by then my foot had gone down completely and stopped troubling me.

However with greater hindsight a rather sinister possibility has occurred to me.

Maybe the swelling was caused by a blood clot in my foot and it floated free at that moment and found its way to my brain where it blocked a blood vessel and starved brain cells of oxygen and glucose.

The foot would have started to go down immediately of course, because the obstruction had been removed.

Just a coincidence? Maybe. But if ever a pedal extremity swells up like that again I’m going for emergency treatment!


About partialinsight

One evening I had a stroke. Half my sight vanished overnight. Adapting made me grasp how amazing the visual system and brain are. It also taught me to understand disability completely differently and I'm grateful for the lesson.
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