4. Frostie Specs


A pair of specs that don’t mind getting chilly.

The front page of a newspaper.


A friend with low vision said they saw everything like looking through a steamed-up window.

I thought that very striking and wanted to understand better. Most people who wear spectacles have been misted up sometimes when they came in from the cold, but I wanted to remind myself of what it’s like, and share my friend’s experience in a small way. So I stuck my specs in the freezer.


Try to get hold of some really large text. A banner headline in a newspaper would be ideal. A sort of eye test chart with only the top line.

If you don’t wear specs maybe you can beg/borrow a pair.


Put the specs (out of their case!) in the freezer for 4-5 minutes (you might use an egg-timer). They should be well chilled by then. Take them out and put them on. Allow them 20 seconds to fog nicely.

Then, try to read your chosen newspaper headline. Bring it really close to your face until you can make out individual letters. If you can read the headline at first it will still fade as the fog develops. It’s like progressive loss of sight.

Next experiment

The next in the series, 5/101, will be ‘Wake Up and Smell the Color 5’.




About partialinsight

One evening I had a stroke. Half my sight vanished overnight. Adapting made me grasp how amazing the visual system and brain are. It also taught me to understand disability completely differently and I'm grateful for the lesson.
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One Response to 4. Frostie Specs

  1. Lynne says:

    Advanced cataract gives the same effect!

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