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Inverting Albert: A Puzzling Illusion Involving Faces

Human beings are mostly quite good at recognising faces. We seem to have evolved this skill as part of becoming a large-scale social animals, and we share it with only a few species – as far as we know, anyhow. … Continue reading

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Touching the Stars: Blind Photographers and Space Telecopes

When I was very small I thought I could literally stretch up and touch the stars. I got a chair, but it still wasn’t enough. BBC News magazine recently ran an impressive feature on Juan Torre, a blind photographer from … Continue reading

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Lost Continents of Sight: 2 Ways the Brain Hides Them From Me

People often ask how I got interested in the brain; my rhetorical answer is: ‘How can anyone NOT be interested in it?’ Vilayanur S. Ramachandran I’ve been reading Ramachandran’s book Phantoms in the Brain, and it stated me thinking again … Continue reading

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Cat Encounter 2

Last night the same cat was waiting for me. Same place, same time. Even though we’ve only met once before I thought he would be there. He clearly isn’t a stray or anything, he wears a collar with a little … Continue reading

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Household Gadgets

Originally posted on A New Look Through Old Eyes:
Do washing machines and printers count as gadgets? I’m not sure but, for me, they certainly fall into the category of things that should make daily life easier. There is one…

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A cat encounter of the furred kind

This is the first post in a new category, Animal Intelligence, which I’ve started to separate posts about how animals see and perceive from ones about stroke, disability and cognition. I’ve often seen a very large ginger cat in a … Continue reading

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Bee Bee See: Insects Recognising Faces

Some three years past I photographed this swarm of honeybees. Many passers-by stopped while I was there and all were intrigued, surprised, and pleased to have seen it. Finding this swarm reminded me of a tradition I’ve always found rather … Continue reading

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